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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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table today. >> we are live in redwood city where the chp is investigating an assault involving a teenage driver and a group of bikers. the cell phone video that may be a key piece of evidence. >> plus it's being called a calmer, better beta breakers. the new numbers -- bay to breakers. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, to you. welcome to monday it's may 21st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson for a look at the weather. >> cooler you two. fog is back. came back late last night. has no problem making a pretty good little push here. that will spin in a few high clouds to the north bay.
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50s and 60s to 70s now. here is sal. >> steve, good morning northbound 280 after to -- off to a good start. also the morning commute looks good on 80 westbound starting to get crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to dave and pam. monday morning opening bell will ring on wall street in 30 minutes from now. once again investors will be closely watching facebook. noelle walker joins us now from the company headquarters in menlo park. good morning, noelle. >> reporter: good morning. we are a half hour away from that opening bell. we have been watching what is happening here if the stock on cnn money. over the last couple of minutes we have watched the stock tick down. it closed friday at $38.23. can see here that right now it is in premarket trading down just over 3% starting at $3.95. so it remains to be seen right now whether or not facebook investors can give that
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investment a thumbs up. in the meantime the stocks started and ended at $38 on friday. it was great for facebook for the initial investors and for the employees but not so great for the average investor. today nasdaq's chief executive is admitting that the ipo launch was a bit of an embarrassment for nasdaq. a two millisecond delay built into the -- instead caused a 20 minute delay on trading on friday. they are in talks on customer claims regarding facebook's ipo. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg became a billionaire and then got even more press when he updated his facebook with a statement married priscilla chen. that was planned as a graduation party for zuckerberg's long-time girlfriend but when the guests
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arrived they said they were attenning a wedding. the timing of the none chills is helpful. again the nasdaq opening bell we'll be watching it. reporting live in menlo park noelle walker. >> the signing of jp morgan chases trading loss continues to grow. now analysts say the total loss is expected to top $6 billion. that is three times as much as jamie diamond had originally said. the bank is refusing to comment but the problem has been made worse by the recent drop in the u.s.. 6:03. the chp says a driver was attacked on highway 101 by a group of motorcyclists. tara moriarty live in redwood city now to tell us why he was attacked and why investigators are asking for help. tara. >> reporter: we are here at chp
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headquarters. they are investigating this incident trying to track down the motorcyclist responsible for assaulting that teenage driver. here's what happened. yesterday morning around 8:00, 19-year-old san jose man in his toyota pri use was recording a group of bikers when he hit a traffic jam and swerved to the right to avoid a crash. he ended up hitting a motorcyclist the center divider and bounced into another biker. two more motorcyclists lost control as well. some of the bikers started to beat up the teen. one biker suffered broken ribs as a result of the accident. another a collapsed lung. broken leg and the other two minor injuries. the teen faces a $159 fine for distracted driving. meanwhile authorities are trying to track down those responsible for the attack and perhaps the cell phone can provide clues in the investigation.
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other drivers could also come forward with we will be talking to the chp later this morning. live from redwood city i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. 6:04. two bay area motorcyclists are dead after two separate crashes. in fremont a 54-year-old motorcyclist was killed yesterday after crash into a car that was pulling out of a driveway. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. in san mateo county a motorcyclist was killed on pescadero road. the chp says the cyclist collided with a car. another motorcyclist was killed on that very same stretch of road on saturday. protestors in chicago say they will march to boeing to protest in the companies role in building airplanes for the u.s. military. that was the scene yesterday as police and protestors clashed outside the nato summit in chicago where 60 world leaders
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are gathered. coming up the tough negotiations of the summit today about when to withdraw foreign troops from afghanistan and who will pay the high cost of getting afghan forces ready to take over their own security. here in the bay area activists also protested against the nato summit the afghan war and other issues. code pink took over the foot bridge yesterday. signs above the freeway said stop militarizing our earth. it will make a complaint after a chp officer abruptly tore down the signs yesterday afternoon. the highway patrol says it sent an officer to check if the signs were a traffic hazard. 6:06. the crowd of about 50,000 made the 101st bay top breakers one to remember. sammy won his third title. finished the 12k race in 34 minutes and 40 seconds and took
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home $25,000. ethiopia won the woman's division in a little more than 39 minutes. it wouldn't be the bay to breakers without those folks in the costume. alcohol was banned but that didn't stop a lot of people. some complained about an uncomfortable backup at the portable toilets. overall most people that we talked to had a great time. >> and i don't know if it's because they banned the alcohol or nudity or what, it seems to be fun but not so rowdy this year. >> police did crack down on drinking and bad behavior. they reported 19 arrests. some people were cited for having alcohol or marijuana. the cleaning crews out there say most of the streets reopened ahead of schedule. we have more pictures to show you on our channel two website. just go to it. click on the slide show tab of
6:08 am >> memorable costume. you were out there judging. >> many memorable. the two men that came past and came up to me holding the golden gate bridge. i have never seen an exhibit like that. there were many memorable things to see but that i will always remember. >> all right. unfortunately, sal, crash in marin county. that is sausalito right? yeah. northbound 101. northbound 101 right near the mill valley exit there on the right shoulder. if you know where mike spikes is it's right near that. a car went to the ditch and they had to get that person out. the traffic might be a little slow in this area on northbound 101 but also on southbound 101 because of people looking. we're also looking at the east shore vallejo and richmond that traffic moves along pretty well. and of course highway 4 already slow traffic. never lets up. let's go to live pictures now bay bridge toll plaza getting
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big backup. mostly for the cash payers. in a few minutes the metering lights will go on. and the morning commute looks pretty good in san jose. that is downtown san jose. northbound 280 traffic looks pretty good. 6:08 let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. a big change in our weather pattern. not only starting today but most of the week. next three o four days will be interesting for this time of year. it starts today with a cool down. so around the bay there is a lot of low clouds and fog which was not the case 24 hours ago. 48-56 fog, sun and clouds. those higher clouds painting toward the north bay. little bit more clearing toward the south. 54, 74 by noon. the breeze is also kicked up. it's out of the west or southwest. a sea breeze is in place. now yesterday had very warm temperatures livermore 91 degrees. san jose dropping from 82-77.
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we'll go 77 today. upper 40s for some. low to mid 50s for others. san jose the warmest at 56. i draw your attention to sfo. so the sea breeze is starting to kick up its heel there is. that means a cooler pattern as we usher in that fog and low clouds. the main low up there is not going anywhere. if anything it might head into northern california on thursday. which means our temperatures will come down. fog, sun cooler. coastal fog is in place. highs today 60s and 70s and a few low to mid 80s. 50s and 60s and 70s until we get inland. inland areas they will come in the upper 70s. by the end of the week low 70s. santa cruz 68. redwood city 75 degrees. not much pattern change tuesday and wednesday. that low drops in thursday. should wipe out the fog for a better pattern. violence at a vallejo gas
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station. the surprise attack that sent one man to the hospital if >> the reason it was a long night for people in northern italy dealing with extensive damage after an earthquake. >> also happening right now we're in the courtroom. this is on the east coast. sentencing about to happen in the rutgers university web cam spying trial. we'll take you to this courthouse live.
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happening right now the sentencing hearing of a former rutgers student convicted of using a web cam to spy on the roommates romantic encounter with another man. i want to take you out there live this morning. there is a little bit of a side bar going on there. the defendant there with attorneys and judges a huge crowd you can see inside standing by. 20-year-old ravi convicted of hate crimes against his roommate. 18-year-old tyler clemente committed suicide back in september of 2010 just days after he learned ravi spied on him. clemente's parents are in the courtroom. they are expected to read an impact statement in addition to prison time of up to ten years ravi also faces deportation to his native india. again we are live inside that courtroom this morning in new jersey. we will bring you the sentencing as soon as as it is handed down live. time is 6:14. the city of chicago bracing for more demonstrations today which is the last day of the nato
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summit. wild scene out there yesterday police and protestors clashing outside the convention center where 60 world leaders are holding a nato summit. the nato leaders making it clear today that the end is in site for nato involvement in the war in afghanistan. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us about agreements that are expected on this last day of the summit. alison. >> reporter: dave, nato leaders are finalizing plans to turn control of afghanistan to its own security forces by the middle of next year. and president obama is trying to show a united front with nato power to withdraw most combat troops by the end of 2014. even though france wants its troops out sooner. >> we are working with the afghans over the next several years to achieve a complete transition to afghan lead for
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afghan security. >> reporter: but in a meeting with afghan president president obama warned of hard days ahead and afghan president warned the blood shed would not subside any time soon. president obama is also asking for new financial commitments from nato allies to help with the $4 billion a year price tag of the war. the u.s. is shouldering most of the cost. the comment from karzai that is raising eyebrows. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. 6:16. northern italy thousands of people slept outside in their cars or in tent camps after a deadly earthquake there. aftershocks continued overnight following sunday's magnitude 6.0 quake that killed seven people. today crews are inspecting buildings, schools, and homes that were left weakened. many historic buildings were destroyed. it may take days to add up all
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the damage. three climbers are dead. two others still missing after climbing mount everest over the weekend. the climbers were descending from the summit on saturday. they were believed to have died from exhaustion and altitude sickness. the weather start well but a sudden wind storm hit the mountain as they were coming down. in vallejo a man was shot and wounded yesterday as he was pumping gas at a gas station. it happened at the bond fair market gas station on sacramento. that sacramento street. the 27-year-old victim told police he never heard the gunfire. that is according to the times hearld. a friend drove him to the hospital. no arrests have been made. no descriptions of the suspect has been released. the west contra costa county school district is moving closer to regaining control from the state. on wednesday the school board will vote on a resolution to move forward with a state loan payoff. the district says the state superintendent also indicated conditions have been met to
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release a state opponented trustee that has been tracking district spending. the district has been paying off the loan for 20 years. the final payment is expected in august 2015. a lasting attribute to a chp officer killed in the line of duty 50 years ago. the state will rename a street after officer dale krings. a man shot and killed officer as he was having breakfast. officer krings fired back at him protecting several people who were in the coffee shop at that time. singer donna summer will be laid top rest today in a private funeral service in nashville, tennessee. she was diagnosissed last year but only her immediate family knew how sick she was. she certain -- she earned the
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title queen of disco after releasing a stringover hit -- of hits. back over to sal to check in on the commute. >> we are looking at variety of things here. first of all let's go outside and show you pictures of the foggy golden gate bridge just north of this on the bottom of the waldo grade on the mil valley side there is a crash clearing. it's off to the right hand side. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights just went on or should go on any time now. i'm just looking to see if they are on. the traffic is going to start getting busier even in the middle lanes as you can see it's already busy on the outside lane. and the morning commute in walnut creek looks good. slow traffic in antioch and if you are driving on 80 westbound let's go to 80 westbound, thank you. vallejo, pinole and richmond that looks good. there is a traffic collision on
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the right shoulder. 6:19 let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. big increase in the fog. there are a few high clouds to the north. partly sunny and partly cloudy for some. noticeable change in our temp as the system begins to work its way in. higher clouds favoring the north bay but this is the leading edge of the first day of a pretty significant cooling trend for most of this week. it did enhance the fog. sun has been increasing this morning and will continue to do so. i don't think it will bring any rain but it will bring in very, very cool temperatures. upper 40s to low to mid 50s. as this system falls apart. we're on the southern edge of it. it's opened the door for the westerly breeze. fog, sun, cooler today. coastal clouds. a little breezy here. blustery at times. now still low to mid 80s. but by tomorrow i think even
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the inland areas will drop into the upper 70s or very, very low 80s with 50s and 60s and 70s for others. we kick it out of here on friday with your weekend in view it does look better. >> thank you, steve. millions of americans are passing up the chance to have their foreclosure case reviewed by the government. treasury department sent out more than 4 million invitations for reviews. only 164,000 want to have their case checked for mistakes. most of the country seeing a big drop in gas prices just in time for the long holiday weekend. latest aaa reports shows the national average is $3.69. here in california prices are headed in the other direction because many west coast refineries are shut down. san francisco has the highst
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price at $4.41. >> time now 6:21. cashing in on california's strip clubs. one state lawmaker has an idea to raise money for the state and who would benefit? >> everyone wants to look the other way. >> that safeway worker did get involved and got suspended for it. is it store having a change of heart? >> good morning, north 880 that traffic looks pretty good as you pass the coliseum.
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george. right -- good morning. right now at the bay bridge toll plaza it's crowded. the middle lanes are not crowded. westbound bay bridge traffic is backed up for a 15 minute delay. 6:25 let's go back to dave and pam. >> thanks. tomorrow the san francisco board of supervisors will vote on a plan that could quiet down tour buses. some people have complained the bus theiruations are too low. the mayor of vallejo said test frustrated and
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disappointed. his harley davidson road king was stolen on friday afternoon. he left it parked in an employee parking lot on the side of vallejo city hall. he's owned the bike for 11 years. it's black with chrome parts. anyone with information can leave an anonymous message on that police step line. 707-644-stop. just about 6:26. safeway praising a monterey peninsula employee that was suspended last month. you may remember safeway suspended ryan young without pay after young stopped a customer from hitting his pregnant girlfriend. that customer says young started the scuffle and broke his teeth. young says he believes he had to do something. >> people have been you know injured, murdered, whatever because in front of everyone because no one -- everyone wants to look the other way. >> in a statement safeway said
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ryan is courageous and should be commended but still trying to understand what happened in the confrontation and what happened afterwards. today bus loads of immigrants plan to rally and talk to lawmakers. this is the 16th annual immigrant day. hundreds of people are expected to push their legislatures to support a series of bills that recognize the contributions made by immigrants. organizers say the bills provide solutions to issues ranging from public safety and family unity and worker rights and consumer protections. later this morning in sacramento a southern california assemblyman will urge support for tax on strip clubs. doc william charged a $10 per customer tax on california strip clubs that serve alcohol. money raised would be used to fund programs for victims of sexual assault. william says federal funding was cut by 25% last year.
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coming up on 6:30. there was a deadly attack on troops in yemen. it's being called the worst in years. the event troops were preparing for when they were attacked by a suicide bomber. >> the golden state warriors appear to be one step closer to leaving oakland. coming up the possible move. >> the opening bell about ready to ring. we are live there. [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news 6:30 opening bell just ringing. martin celebrating 100 years since its founding. over there on the nasdaq san francisco based river bed technology. they are providing their it base an it company. they are there this morning. of course a lot of people looking for facebook because of
6:31 am
the stock looks like it will open down about 3% right now. and that is after its lackluster opening on friday on its ipo and we're out at the headquarters this morning. >> we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's monday, may 21st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. >> in the news right now monday's opening bell you heard it ring on wall street a second ago with pam. this morning as she said all eyes are on facebook stock after a flat debut friday. ktvu noelle walker is at the company headquarters in menlo park. so what is the feeling out there so far this morning? >> reporter: dave, that opening bell is the beginning of a test how much do investors like facebook? you take a look at what happened this morning in premarket trading. we are monitoring it. watching the stock just tick down ever so slightly to about 3% below friday's $38.23 close.
6:32 am
the ipo got facebook the cash infusion it wanted but left investors wanting more. >> it's surprising in the grand scheme of ipos. typically you see about a 30% pop. >> reporter: now nasdaq chief executive said the ipo launch was an embarrassment for nasdaq. a two millisecond delay meant to give investors time to change orders instead led to a 20 minute delay to the start of trading on friday. now right now let's take a look at what is happening here on our ipad. right now while we are showing the premarket trading which was just below 3%. we will be monitoring this all morning to see what facebook stock is doing. we'll have reports here all morning. reporting live in menlo park noelle walker. talk of the warriors plotting to move to san francisco relocation rumors heating up. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie
6:33 am
rasmus is in san francisco this morning with the new reports on an arena deal. good morning, ali. >> reporter: there are reports that the golden state warriors signed a preliminary deal to move the team from oakland to san francisco. this empty parking lot has been mentioned as a possible site for a waterfront arena for the team. it doesn't look like much now. there is an ugly chain link fence. check out the location it's right next to the bay bridge. very close to the freeway entrances. so if there were a stadium here it would be easy for people to get here. here's an overhead view of piers 30-32 from news chopper 2. espn is reporting an announcement of a move could come as early as this week. the team could be moving here and playing here by the 2017- 2018 season. ed lee sent a letter to the team owners signed by all 11 supervisors pledging to work with them to make the move to san francisco happen.
6:34 am
were yours owners were spotted at san francisco city hall to meet with city officials about that waterfront location for the team. much like at & t park. >> it was really fun having the giants down here. the whole city has changed since the giants came here. it would be great if we had a basketball team. >> if it brings money to the area, why not? >> reporter: now it's no secret the warriors team owners have expressed strong interests in leaving oracle arena. that is where they have been playing since the 1960s. but their lease ends after the 2016-2017 season. they are not confirming or denying any of these report. they said they are are not ready to make any announcements. we are in the process of contacting san francisco city supervisors to ask them more. live in san francisco allie rasmus. a five-year-old boy is dead after being hit by a car in
6:35 am
richmond. that happened at 4:15 saturday afternoon in the par chester village neighborhood. i want to show you new video taken from the scene. you can see a large memorial is growing there. police believe the boy ran out into the street on jenkins way and hit by a mini van. he died hours later at the hospital. police say the driver of the mini van stopped and not suspected of any wrong doing. san francisco neighborhood is coming together to support a homeless man that is the victim of a hit and run. coming up at 6:45 what the man's family want people to know about him. our time is 6:35. oakland police investigating a warehouse fire. the fire on broadway near 30th street started just after 4:00 a.m. saturday morning. when fire crews got there the flames were shooting 30 feet into the air. now after getting it under control, firefighters found 200 marijuana plants, lamps, and a filtering system. no injuries were reported.
6:36 am
san francisco fire investigators still searching for the cause of a house fire that sent three people to the hospital. a neighbor shot this video you are looking at saturday night. this was on lucy street in the bay view district. the fire started during a party. three people were sent to the hospital for a treatment of burns and smoke inhalation. >> new video from yemen where a suicide bombing has claimed 96 lives. most of them to be yemen troops. the troops were rehearsing for a military parade for yemen's national day which is observed tomorrow. the attacker was a soldier taking part in the practice drill. at least 100 other people are hurt. and in a separate incident militants opened fire on coast card trainers in western yemen. president obama will address the graduating class of joplin high school tonight in missouri. almost one year to the day after a deadly tornado swept
6:37 am
through their missouri town. that school was one of hundreds of buildings destroyed on may 22nd, 2011. 161 people were killed. school was canceled for the rest of the semester but this year joplin high school students have been attending classes in part of a converted shopping mall. 6:3636. today is the last day to register to vote in the june 5th presidential primary. voter registration forms have to be submitted or postmarked by today. you can find the forms on the website of the secretary of the state. they are also available at post offices, libraries, and the county elections office. time is 6:37. sal, we want to let people know facebook down 8% right now. $38 a share. >> we will keep watching it of course. let's take a look at what we have with the morning commute. i will show you traffic will be busy on 80. we had an earlier crash here. 80 westbound at san pablo road. it was in the left lane for a
6:38 am
bit. and contra costa county on highway 4 westbound still pretty slow. 680 still looks pretty good. let's get some live pictures in. 880 north and southbound the traffic moves along well. tonight there is an a's game at the coliseum at 7:05. and the morning commute at the toll plaza is going to be moderate. this is 237 westbound some stop and go traffic as you approach zanker road heading west. let's go to steve. >> mostly cloudy by the coast. mostly clear inland. northbound dealing with a few high clouds. kathy up in napa said clear and cool. but the low clouds are really starting to thicken up here. they will give us a cooler pattern over the next couple of days. the system that is responsible for it the main low is not going anywhere until the end of the week. 48 to 56 on the temperatures here. we'll go mix of fog, sun,
6:39 am
breezy, 54-74. inland temps will have 80s but not the 90 we saw yesterday. 58-84 there will be a big spread on these temps. livermore did check in at 91. we will go 81 today. hayward 75 to 67. and santa rosa 85 also to 77. and this system is really opening the door to the westerly breeze that south westerly breeze and the fog has no problem forming. upper 40s low to mid 50s but the low is churning up there will eventually dig down here and end up in northern california and nevada probably by thursday as high pressure builds out here. fog, sun, cooler coastal clouds. i don't think they are going anywhere. they will be back tonight and tomorrow. today 60s and 70s and 80s. few upper 50s if you are stuck in the suit. still low to mid 80s antioch and brentwood in there. but a lot of 70s or very low 80s. the theme is to bring temperatures down into
6:40 am
wednesday and thursday as that low drops in. friday breezy but kicking that system out of here. 6:39. look at this tropical storm alberto spinning off the coast of florida causing problems all the way up to virginia. now a red flag warning has been in effect since friday. this storm has winds about 40 miles an hour. the strength is expected to stay about that. alberto is expected to stay offshore of the carolinas and georgia coast. mother nature put on quite a show the reviews from sky watchers here in the bay area. >> we are live in redwood city where the chp is investigating an incident involving a biker and teenager using his cell phone inappropriately. >> good morning, at the toll plaza it's crowded now. we'll tell you more about the rest of the trouble spots straight ahead.
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[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you. you heard the opening bell ring on wall street a couple minutes ago and this morning all eyes will be on facebook stock after a flat debut on friday. facebook opened at $38 a share. finished its first trading day
6:44 am
just up $0.23. pam checked it a little while ago facebook was down 8%. >> now down 11. >> now down 11%. espn says the warriors are close to a deal where the city of san francisco for a new arena in 2017. and the bay area news group is reporting that the warrior will build a privately funded arena on piers 30 and 32 on san francisco's embarcadero. >> more protests expected in chicago today as they wrap up the second day of a nato summit. on the agenda outlining the withdraw of troops from afghanistan today. a violent confrontation on a bay area freeway is under investigation. ktvu tara moriarty joins us now from redwood city with the reason a driver says he was attacked by a group of motorcyclists. tara. >> reporter: a lot of us are guilty of using our cell phones
6:45 am
while we are driving. we'll be talking or texting on them. this particular teenager happened to be using it to video tape a group of bikers and now he's paid the price both financially and physically. the chp is investigating the incident in which a group of bikers attacked the teen driver. here's what happened yesterday morning around 8:00 a 19-year- old san jose man was in his toyota prius he was recording those group of bikers with his cell driving northbound on highway 101. he hit a traffic jam sprayed tar, swerved to the right to avoid a crash but ended up hitting a motorcyclist and bounced into another biker. two more motorcyclists lost control. some of the bikers started to beat up the teen. one suffered broken ribs and a collapsed lung. another had a broken leg. the other two minor injuries. the teen face as $159 fine for
6:46 am
distracted driving. meanwhile authorities are trying to track down those responsible for the attack. we don't know if they are using the cell phone video or if they are talking to witnesses. we have a public relations officer on his way to answer our questions. we'll let you know what he says. san francisco police are still searching for the driver who hit a homeless man and then drove off. 62-year-old selester rowe is now in critical condition. he was hit while crossing columbus avenue in stockton last saturday night. rowe's family said they had no idea he was homeless. he has a degree in engineering and he would always tell them things were good. >> he is important to other people and me, my sister, my brother and the man upstairs. because if he didn't, he wouldn't be hanging on right
6:47 am
now. >> neighbors are now raising money for rowe's family and sent out flowers where he used to stand. police are looking for a late 90s model white chevrolet suv with tinted windows. san francisco muni has received millions of dollars in federal grant to purchase hundreds of security cameras. fewer than 50 have been installed. coming up at 7:00 where the money was meant to be used to install the cameras has actually gone. people here in the bay area are among millions that enjoyed a rare treat in the skies last night. the moon almost blocked out the sun creating a dramatic ring of fire. now you are looking at time lapse photography showing you the 90 minute eclipse from start to finish. the moon passed in front of the sun and left a golden ring around the edges. >> it's very rare for these events to be visible from the bay area. the next one won't be until
6:48 am
2023. >> hundreds of stargazers were here at this viewing party at the observatory in the east bay hills. they sheered the moon crossed sun and the blazing hail low of light start started to form. take a look at last nights eclipse. amazing pictures taken from on alabama serve tour in reno, nevada. the full ring of fire visible for several minutes. sky watch everies had to -- watchers had to be reminded don't watch this with the naked eye. we have many more pictures of last nights ring of fire eclipse. go to and click on the sly show tab. you can see empanels of it from -- images of it around the world. right now sal is checking around the bay area for traffic. hopefully no problems. >> you are right. is my mic on? >> yeah. >> i didn't hear myself. >> can you hear me now? >> yes. sometimes i can't hear myself.
6:49 am
let's take a look at the commute now traffic is moving along you know it's not z bad as i thought it would be. here it is at the bay bridge. no major problems on the bridge. also the morning commute looks pretty good on interstate 880 in oakland. both directions. it has not come heavy yet approaching high street. if you are driving in contra costa county it's getting busy. >> cooler for some. cooler for many. low clouds around. fog thick on the golden gate bridge. you can see moving around. most of the bay has it. there are areas inland that have the sun. i know san jose is in there. parts of north bay and east bay. a lot of low clouds are back. which weren't there yesterday. that is a sign of things come here for a cooler week where a very warm or hot sunday. fog increasing this morning. it will continue to do so as
6:50 am
the system moves in toward the north. few high clouds will drift over the north bay. trend is to bring temperatures down. for everyone by tomorrow upper 40s and 50s on the temps. they really haven't gone anywhere. the westerly breeze is in place or west, southwest southerly breeze in the north bay. that is a cooler direction and all courtesy of that fog. the low spinning is not going anywhere. in fact, it will dig into northern california on thursday to continue this dramatic coming trend. fog, sun cooler coastal clouds. 80s for some. a lot of 60s and 70s between. 50s and 60s closer to the close though. mid 80s santa clara valley. fremont 74. mountain view 76. san mateo 70. even cooler on tuesday and a big cool down wednesday and thursday. i know holiday weekend approaches will kick that system out of here friday. >> thank you, steve. yahoo that has been struggling has agreed to sell
6:51 am
more than its 40% in the stake to ally baa baa. this could help provide clarity. that means much of the cash from the sale will be distributed to shareholders. google likely to close its deal to buy motorola mobility. they offered $12.5 billion. it received all of the needed approvals with the other regulators with china the only hold out. now it will begin to expand into manufacturing phones and tablets. 6:51. another violent beating in the parking lot of dodgers stadium. the frightening incident being investigated right now. >> also a new report on pipeline safety. what happen in the two years since the disaster in san bruno. >> also want to show you live
6:52 am
pictures there it is. historic world war ii battleship will get a couple more days here in the bay area. why the u.s.s. iowa voyage to los angeles is now on hold. >> good morning, east shore freeway traffic a little busier now. we'll tell you more straight ahead. egan with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. taking a you live to new york. dow jones up a little bit. boy facebook taking a hit this morning. right now down 13%, $5 a share to about $33 a share. new this morning four men have been arrested after an attack in the dodgers stadium parking lot yesterday. police say a man in his 20s was involved in a minor collision with another driver as he was leaving dodgers stadium parking lot yes. they say three men from another car held down the victim while the man involved in the collision beat the victim in the head and his face. that victim did not suffer life threatening injuries. all of this happened of course one year after giants fan bryan stow was severely beaten in the dodgers stadium parking lot. the city of oakland has a new plan to ban certain items from demonstrators. it's an effort to prevent
6:56 am
violence. to ban things like shields and poles and hammers. some occupy members are arguing they need shields for their protection. >> watch out watch out. >> this was a pretty scary scene from a mayday protest in san francisco earlier this month. the man accused of throwing bricks and pipes down off a roof on a crowd of people he's due in court this morning. jesse is facing assault with a deadly weapon and several other very serious charges. one person was actually hit in the face by a brick but refused medical treatment. this violent incident came after they took over a building on turk street. >> a new report is raising concerns about pipeline safety. pg&e has exceeded the designated maximum pressure on the natural gas pipelines more than 120 times since the
6:57 am
disaster two years ago. this high number of surges is reportedly causing concern among many safety experts including the new head of pg&e gas division. the chronicle information came from an internal e-mail written by pg&e's gas division chief three weeks ago. the utility promises a full investigation. uss iowa will be in the bay area a little longer than expected. i want to take you live out there this morning looks beautiful sitting there this morning. a storm brewing off the southern california coast though prompted officials to delay the journey that was scheduled to begin yesterday afternoon. the trip will be rescheduled when the weather clears possibly later this week. the world war ii battleship is going to los angeles to become a floating museum. sal is watching the toll plaza. how are they doing? >> it's not all that bad. there is a backup for sure. let's go to it. it's only backed up quite to
6:58 am
the # 80 over crossing we're having a mild monday. no problems on the bridge. it's a little foggy. also this morning we are having slow traffic already in san jose along northbound 280 approaching 880. now let's go to steve. >> all right, sal fog for many but along the coast also parts of the bay. sunny inland. temperatures will cool down today. 50s and 60s coast and bay and 70s and a few low mid 80s inland. >> thank you, steve. coming up on mornings on 2 it's coming off a flat debut on friday. find out what is happening with facebook stock this morning. >> also new talk about a possible home for the bay area nba franchise.
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